Workforce TeleTime IP Datasheet

Time and attendance data collection from the convenience of a phone line

Discover a quick, easy method of gathering time and attendance information for offsite or decentralized work environments with Workforce TeleTime IP.

Find out how the Workforce TeleTime IP helps supervisors take control by easing administrative tasks and improving workforce productivity with a flexible, easy-to-own, single-system solution.

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By using Workforce TeleTime IP, your organization can see benefits such as:

  • Quick and easy capture of time and attendance data for your remote and distributed workforce
  • Automatic number identification security to prevent fraud, which can lead to payroll inflation
  • Integrated with workforce management solution for reliable and accurate real-time data
  • Detailed call reporting, efficient line usage, and optimized call volume that make Workforce TeleTime IP easy to own

Download this informative datasheet to learn more reasons why you should consider Workforce TeleTime IP for your remote and distributed workforce.