Kronos Advisory Services for Services and Distribution Brochure

Kronos® Advisory Services for Services and Distribution help you navigate the ever-changing and highly competitive market landscape, extend the value of your Kronos solution, and achieve better business outcomes.

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Making the Case for Gaining Visibility into Your Workforce

As competition for quality talent heats up, technology provides the perfect solution for all industries to gain high levels of visibility into workforces.

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ELD Guide: Are you ready for upcoming CCMTA compliance changes?

How to use workforce technology to leverage new ELD requirements.


The Overtime Lie

John Frehse, Sr Managing Director, Ankura Consulting Group, LLC explores the adverse costs of idle time and explains how overtime can be used as a powerful tool for companies to manage variable and seasonal demand.

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Best Practices for Workforce Optimization in Today's Supply Chain

Make the most of your labour resources through strategic HR management.

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